Shop Function
Add a function where people can buy things at your shop for Mekos, and maybe have it so only the host can have a shop and sell things to all the people on their server. They could buy roles and such too!!

Stephanie Lewandowski shared this idea 31/01/19 22:57
Wenis30 15/04/19 15:20 flag comment
This is a great idea, but it overlooks the fact that mekos are global so they can just get mekos from other servers as well, and because of this fact, it'd be extremely difficult, if not impossible to create a proper economy based on mekos within your Discord server. One way to work around this would maybe be for Veld to make it so Miki so that Miki has a local Miki count as well as a global one, but I don't know how possible that is. People might also be able to bypass that by just earning their mekos in another server and then using the >give command to give them to a friend (or an alt) who then gives them back and then Miki would probably think that you earned them in that server even though you didn't. Another way to implement this would be to leave Mekos as a solely global currency, but to also add a second local currency.
Wenis30 15/04/19 15:20 flag comment
Again, I forgot that this site doesn't like line breaks.