Non-gambling ways to make mekos
We should have more active/passive ways to gain mekos outside of gambling (and dailies/weeklies) and there should be EXP/Leveling to have competitiveness.. Some suggestions below.. #Active# - Mine for mekos (>Mine) with a cooldown we can decide somwhere between 5-10 minutes so as to reduce spam and not make Miki a spamming bot. Also to include "exp" so you gain more mekos the more you use the commands when you level up. - Fish for mekos (>Fish) - Same as bove - Hunt for mekos (>Hunt) - Same as above #Passive# - (Semi-Passive) Have a mekos mine so whenever you talk you gain mekos (on cooldown) - But you can "upgrade" your mekos mine so you gain more mekos when you talk Maybe if we like the idea of a less-gambly way to gain mekos, we could also ask in Discord for suggestions in a temporarily created #suggestions chat.

Silvertonic shared this idea 10/02/19 15:14